What Is Your House Worth?

Valuing Your Property Online

If you are considering selling your home, looking for an agent, or just curious about how much your property is really worth, a property valuation can help. When looking to sell or move it is one of the most important aspects of the decision. The valuation can also help with taking into account the right time to buy or sell to achieve the greatest price.

You may have an idea about how much your house is worth, but don’t have a grasp on a qualified, accurate valuation. Choosing to value your property online with a credible, trusted source can take the hassle and time out of the process.

More companies are offering digital tools to price your property, though additional factors related to the unique aspects of your home should also be taken into account in the overall price. An online valuation gives you an idea of your basic property value, which you can then use to better understand your selling potential.

An online property valuation takes into account the size of your property and the age and quality of your house and analyses it with other properties in your neighborhood and on the market.

Choosing the right online source to value your house is the first step in the process. Many sites offer free valuations and comparison.

Utilizing a few sites for a consistent valuation is a smart idea. Beginning with proper online research is a great start.

As you look, remember some common misconceptions about homes values. We’ve listed the top five to help clear up any valuation confusion.

The first misconception about house valuation is that the highest price is the best. This isn’t necessarily true. A high value home may be pleasing to you, but if it’s valued too high, and you’re looking to sell, your house may languish on the market for a very long time. The most effective valuation is an exact price that will allow you to achieve maximum value in a pragmatic cost range.

Once you’ve had your property valued don’t think this means that you need to put it on the market straight away. One benefit of online property valuation is that you’re not obliged to sell. You may decide that it’s not the right time to put your property up for sale once you’re more equipped with a proper idea of your home’s value and the state of the market.

Additionally, don’t think that an online valuation is the end all be all for your home. You may not be able to alter the size of your property, but there are many things that you can do to improve the condition and appeal of your house and a valuation might give you a good idea of where to start. Whether it is by cosmetic renovations, new windows or wiring, an extension or even a revitalised garden, small improvements can make your home more interesting to potential buyers.

Remember that not all estate agents are created equal. Not all agents will give you the same value for your home and may even alter it to their benefit. They may work to give you a high valuation in hopes of securing a large commission or they may estimate your property at a low price to make a quick sale. Whilst not every agent may do this, it’s a good idea to keep an unbiased opinion of your home’s value when looking for an agent to list your property. An online property valuation gives you the perspective on this when selecting a representative along with comparing agents on RightMove.

It’s also important to remember that the cheapest agents aren’t always the best fit for selling your home. An agent’s accreditation, reputation in the area and proposal for your house should all play into your deliberation process. By having a realistic idea of the price of your home you can better consider an agent’s reputation for selling other properties in your area. Once you’ve weighed out all of your options you have a better base for listing your property on the market.

Remembering these tips will help you to select a stellar online property valuation service. An online valuation is both an economical and timely choice as you start to consider whether to sell or keep your property and will ensure that you make the right choice in the long run.

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Here is a video explaining how they work.

written by: Daniel Morgan

How to Design a Loft Conversion

Designing a Loft Conversion

Should you be looking into doing a loft conversion, but not necessarily feeling inspired by the ideas you’ve seen so far, read on. There are numerous ‘standard’ solutions for lofts out there – you can even have been advised this is the only or the best design for your project – but the reality is that lofts can be many and various; they can be imaginative, creative and beneficial, not simply a ‘box on a roof’. So avoid accepting the norm – explore what’s possible and get a fantastic loft space.

Think Beyond The Box

One of the things that really frustrate me when looking at pictures of loft conversions online is the general blandness of it all, the white walls, and small spaces is a real turn off. Sure it increases the square footage of your home and can perhaps even add an extra bedroom.

I like looking for inspiration on pinterest and several other really interesting design companies and bring this towards your loft conversion.

Think out of the box when designing your loft conversion project, from the colours on down!

Make use of the slopes

One of the best ways to utilise the full value of the loft conversion is to take advantage of the height of the slopes on your loft conversion. This is a really great example of making use of the slopes in the ceiling.

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
designed by – Just Loft Conversion in Manchester

Keep It Simple Stupid

It’s really important to keep this as simple as you can, It may contradict everything I have previously said about being creative however the general layout should be as simple as possible!

Keep it airy! 

Windows can really make a loft conversion, it brings incredible light to your room and can create a perception of more space, a nice little trick is to put a mirror where the light falls and comes in from the windows.

The bigger the windows the better.

Explore your choices

You don’t always have to go with the architect that is given to you by your loft conversion company, bear in mind they probably have a deal with them but they may not necessarily be the best choice for you. There is no harm in speaking to a few local architect which have done other home design project that you like.

Celebrate clean design

Simplistic and clean design is ideal when doing any type of redesign project whether it’s a kitchen redesign, a conservatory or a loft conversion. It’s something I have always believed in when it comes to interior design.

Work with the eaves for rooms below

This image shows that converting a loft space can also profit the rooms below. In this article, the lower parts of the roof slope that give little usable space upstairs have been made available to the space below. Through installing a few of roof windows, a room that could in any other case have been quite dark and standard is stuffed with daylight and has a really special quality.

Remember to take these tips on board because the  quality of the layout and the design of the loft conversion could end up costing you thousands in the long run especially when you may come to sell your home.

A London Loft Conversion can add several percentage points to your home however an excellent conversion can add significantly more.